Neighborhood Health Station Breaks Ground In Central Falls: A Blackstone Valley Community Health Care News Article

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Neighborhood Health Station Breaks Ground In Central Falls

Dr. Michael Fine, Former Health Department Director
Dr. Michael Fine is helping to launch Central Falls' new Neighborhood Health Station.Credit Rhode Island Department of Health

Blackstone Valley’s Community Health Center broke ground Saturday on a new Neighborhood Health Station in Central Falls. The station is meant to serve patients as more than a health clinic.

Former Health Department Director Dr. Michael Fine is one of the driving forces behind the new Neighborhood Health Station. He says it’s a different model from a community health center.

“Community health centers focus on the people who consult them and do a great job at it," said Fine. "A neighborhood health station really looks at the health of the entire city whether people have walked through the doors yet or not.”

Fine said the station will have community outreach workers, relationships with housing and educational officials, and programs that promote physical activity. Services such as urgent care, dentistry, and physical therapy will be available on site.

In addition, the facility will have an interesting pay structure. Providers accept insurance but will also allow payment on a sliding scale for residents who can’t afford care. 

Fine said an outreach worker will visit residents who’ve had a recent ambulance trip to follow up and make sure they have a primary care doctor. Also, an outreach worker will staff Central Falls public housing to bring services to tenants.


By Kristin Gourlay, RINPR

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