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Coronavirus Operations

We are pleased to announce that we are open to all Medical services by appointment through Telehealth and office visits! Please call us to schedule your physicals, follow-ups and sick appointments! You may not see your regular Primary Care provider, but we have great providers to take care of you and your family! Routine Dental care coming soon and we are gradually reopening to routine Eye Care!

Safety is our utmost concern. Our reopening plan is based on Rhode Island Department of Health Guidelines. Please remember to: schedule your appointment first, wear a mask, limit guests to one per patient.  


At this time, children and patients with disabilities who require assistance from a caregiver can bring one visitor. Visitors will need to be sure you have not traveled outside of the United States in the last 14 days, have not had direct contact with anyone who tested positive for Coronavirus and are healthy.  We cannot allow anyone to enter our buildings if you have a fever, cough or other COIVD-19 symptoms.  

Summary of Services

  • Telehealth is a virtual visit that allows you to video call a provider using your personal telephone, tablet or computer and internet access. Available by appointment Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. For more information on Telehealth, click here.
  • Express Health is available by appointment only in Central Falls and Pawtucket. Central Falls Express Health is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, and Pawtucket Saturday Express Health, 8am to 4:30pm. Please call 401-722-0081 first.
  • If you are a healthy pregnant woman or have a child under 3 who is healthy, your provider will see you at 39 East Avenue only until further notice.  This is to ensure and protect our most vulnerable patients from illness.  Children may not see their usual provider for check-ups, however we have excellent providers at 39 East Avenue that we know you will love. 
  • Respiratory and COVID-19 testing avilable, Monday through Saturday, by appointment for BVCHC patients 
  • Routine Dental care coming soon and we are gradually reopening to routine Eye Care!
    • Dental is scheduling urgent and emergent Telehealth appointments. Dental emergencies, call 401-729-5239.
    • Optometry is scheduling Telehealth visits for diabetics and Urgent Eye Exams at 1000 Broad St, Central Falls. Optometry emergencies, call 401-312-5249. 
  • Behavioral Health understands that these are very trying times and our team is here to help you. We are offering check-ins via telephone or virtual video (telehealth) sessions for those seeking behavioral health support. For more information, click here. Call 401-722-0081 to schedule your telehealth appointment with our team.
  • Curbside Care is closed for the summer, but check back with us in the Fall!

At this time, we ask that you do not come to our clinics for return to work note, if you need a note that allows you to return to work, please click here

COVID-19 Safety & Resources 

To learn more on how to protect yourself, your family and your home from Coronavirus (COVID-19), click here

Looking for community recources to bridge the gap while you are out of work and your children are out of school, click here