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All locations will be closed on Monday, July 4th

COVID-19 Vaccine's is available and safe for children 6 months and older!  Hear from our very own Dr. Elizabeth Gomes Texeira. 

For Spanish, click here, For Portuguese/Creole, click here

For more information from the CDC, click here

The US is in the midst of an infant formula shortage.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has announced some important information about what you should do if you cannot find any formula.  For more information, click here.

  1. DO NOT water down formula (especially for babies under 6 months, this can be deadly)

  2. DO NOT make homemade formula, or use goat/sheep's milk, or plant based milks with the possible exception of soy milk (with extra calcium/protein) for babies close to a year

  3. Whole cow's milk or toddler formulas may be ok for a short time for babies close to a year, but are not a good long term solution

Vincente’s Supermarket in Pawtucket has formula in stock & accepts WIC (2 can limit) In addition, BJ’s in Attleboro and Seekonk have formula in stock.  For a list of where to find additional sellers who accept WIC, click here

WIC approved formula substitutions, click here

FDA authorizes second booster doses.  If you are a patient, please call to schedule your booster shot today!  For more information click here

Covid Testing Update for BVCHC Patients, click here

Free at-home COVID-19 tests, for more information, click here

If you need a COVID-19 test for TRAVEL purposes only, click here

State of Rhode Island COVID-19 Test Sites now accepting appointments.  Please click here for locations

To schedule a test at a state site click here

Blackstone Valley Community Health Care is a member of a National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). Health Centers like ours started as part of the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1960s and we stand behind with NACHC, our Community and this statement.  National Association of Community Health Center's statement, from Tom Van Coverden, President & CEO, and Lathran J. Woodard, Board Chair of the National Association of Community Health Centers, on the Death of George Floyd:​

"A Call For Change For All Americans

Community Health Centers stand with all Americans condemning the horrific killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. We are distressed, angry and afraid – especially for the men and women of color in the nation who face harm and discrimination simply by going about their daily lives. Because a 17 year-old girl bravely recorded this brutal murder at the hands of the police – no one – not even the most callous or indifferent – can now ignore what has been neglected and shunned aside in America for far too long. Mr. Floyd’s death, and the scores of those who have suffered similar fates, sadly are a part of a historical legacy of injustice and racism that pervades and is ingrained in our society. Born out of the civil rights and social justice movement of the 1960s, the nation’s Community Health Centers serve to this day as advocates for quality care and health equity for all. As community-based health care providers to 30 million people in over 14,000 medically underserved communities across America, we are first-hand witnesses to the direct effect of violence, stress, physical and mental abuse on the health and well-being of our patients – people on the receiving end of racism and discrimination because of the color of their skin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, income level or insurance status. We as a nation must do more if we are to believe and hold true to the principles of our democracy. And we must do it together. We must usher in real change to protect and improve the lives of all people – from our local policing practices to our judicial and legal systems, to our educational institutions, to our health care systems. Most importantly, we must move forward public policies at local, state and national levels that reflect the true needs and priorities of a country in crisis. Community Health Centers were created for and by the communities they serve. We are ready to work for real change. We are the catalyst for real change in this country; if not us, then who?"

On behalf of Raymond Lavoie, Executive Director, and the Leadership team at Blackstone Valley Community Health Care, we stand where we've always stood: with our staff and with our patients. 





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