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What to Expect From Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

Who can we schedule in our clinic?

Call to schedule an appointment 401-722-0081

Before your appointment:

Paperwork:  You may need to complete paperwork and read information about the vaccine once you are in the vaccine area.  We recommend that you read the materials before your appointment. 

Vaccine questions:  If you have questions about the vaccine, please review our frequently asked questions here.

Please plan to arrive on-time for your appointment.  If you need transportation, you can expect to spend about 30-45 minutes at the clinic on the day of your appointment.

On the day of your appointment:

Visitors:  Please remember, one guest is allowed with you if require assistance.

At the entry:  You will be screened for COVID symptoms and exposure.  You may need to wait outside briefly so please dress accordingly.  When asked the COVID screening questions, please do your best to answer these questions accurately as they will help protect you and others and we assure you someone will care for you no matter your response.  If you need a guest to accompany you for assistance, they will be screened also.

Waiting after your shot is administered:  You will need to wait 15-30 minutes after receiving the vaccine in our waiting area while our nursing staff monitors your response to the vaccine.  Negative responses to the vaccine are rare but can happen.  Many are anxious about getting a shot and may feel dizziness caused by nervous feelings.

Your second appointment:

If a second appointment is needed, it will be scheduled 3 to 4 weeks after your first dose. we will schedule that appointment with you when you receive your first vaccine shot.

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose

What are booster doses?

A booster dose is a dose of a vaccine that is given to someone who is already vaccinated and received protection from that vaccination, but that protection decreased over time.  For more information about boosters, click here